Effeffe Berlinetta - New Classic Car

The Frigerio brothers they want manufacturing a car as the artisans built the famous Gran Turismo at the end of the '50, a hybrid Gran Turismo with mechanics derived from the series an revised according to the new requirements, the rest being born from a blank sheet of paper. A car full of personality , both formal and substantive, which expresses the skills of those artisans too often forgottenand who on the contrary have given so much in terms of uniqueness, charm and design.

The tubular frame is designed with the help of CAD systems and innovative programs for the checking of the successive stages of cutting and automatic resistance control.
The result is a very rigid but at the same time considerably light frame.
All aluminum body, hand-hammered. The details of the body , grids, frame strips, door and bonnet handles are entirely hand-made.

The interiors, finished in leather, are entirely hand-stitched. The large customization enables the selection among countless colour combinations for the coverings of the dashboard, seatings, door panels and the small luggage compartment behind the seats. The floor is all covered with pure wool carpets in a wide range of finishings and colours.

The engine deriving from Alfa Romeo 2000 is completely revised by a worldknown engineering workshop and while maintaining high reliability , develops about 170 HP, power closed to the best modern racing units with naturally aspirated engine and a very soft output curve which enbles and easy cruising even at low speed of rotation.

Wire Wheel : classic centre lock, centre cap and splined hubs, rims in steel, 15x6.00”
Luggage set, created in the luggage compartment and the relative measure of the golf bag.
Choice between classic rime size and alt sizing tires period designs of tread pattern, road or race type.
Heating and air conditioning systems available on request.


BMW R Nine T Custom Project

The BMW R nineT Custom Project in Japan has been in operation for half a year now. The four custom bike builders involved in the Project have completed their machines. On occasion of BMW Motorrad Days Japan we have unveiled these fine examples of BMW R nineT customization today! 

These are the best especially on a BMW Nine T that have been realized up to now, they are beautiful and functional exercises are not created style provocateurs. 
The Far East is confirmed always able to surprise us in the West

 If you could choose, which one would be yours?

Cherry's Company Highway Fighter 

46Works Clubman Racer

Photo by BMW Motorrad

The Rocketeer


Green White 550

Drayton Porkchop

XS 400 Gaucho

The motorcycle: a 1978 Yamaha XS400 this Inspired by the famous Yamaha Lossa, has an original engine with two carburetors Mikuni 36 with 2-1 and tailpipes made and handmade.

Hello, my name is Leandro Highercrew Duberti of M / C in Argentina.
Here, I send you pictures of the Yamaha XS400 with a brief description of the bike as you asked on Facebook for your blog.

First, thank you very much for your interest in one of my projects.

Wheels and brakes, original progressive damping.

In the front, 34 mm fork, handlebar type of clip-ons. The instrumental and decided to leave only a clock, tachometer a panel on measuring, aluminum.

The body of the motorcycle was decided to place a gas tank of another Japanese brand modified. Part of a tail spoiler "Cafe Racer" is made of aluminum and leather seat.

I hope you understand my English, if you need any other details of the bike please let me know.

I hope to publish my bike in your blog, that would be nice to see my publications in other countries.

Please let me know if my bike is published for viewing on your blog and your magazine.
And if possible, if it is published, get one printed copy.
Thank you very much, and let me know if the post is a fact.


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